Friday, July 13, 2012

ROI of Social Media


Ah, social media. I love you. And yet you drive me crazy. There are so many components and there is so much time that goes into a good social media marketing plan. And, oh, yeah... the whole ROI thing.

Since, last time I checked most companies still care about their bottom line and what sales, referrals, leads, or donations they get.

Social media is changing everyday as are the opportunities for measuring and programs for metrics.

Social Media Today recently posted this infographic and if nothing else, it will get you thinking about what the point really is of your business or organization's social media program:

Click here for the link to the infographic
Click here for the article on Social Media Today

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Where in the world is Ellen?

So, I haven't been here on But, never fear... I'm still around the world wide web, mostly working with a great company - Trinet - and volunteering with the Orange County Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Check out the OC AMA blog I've been working on with my OC marketing colleagues!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

OC AMA - new site and great new events!

I have been an AMA member for a few years now. Began in Atlanta as a member and quickly started volunteering on the Collegiate Committee to help students prepare for the real world of marketing. When I moved to Orange County, I sought out the local OC AMA Chapter to get involved and meet marketing folks in my new town. It's been quite a ride! We just launched a new website, are in the process of rebranding the local chapter, and have been getting the word out with great speakers and events.

The new site is, so if you get a chance, please check it out and let me know what you think.

Also, the next OC AMA event is on February 15 and the VP of Marketing and Communications for Kia Motors America will be speaking. Should be a great learning experience to hear the case study of a successful brand transformation and a wonderful chance to network with other OC marketing peeps.

I have gotten so much value out of my AMA membership -- from the access to free webinars and white papers to meeting local marketing people I can discuss trends and challenges with at events. I highly recommend checking out your local chapter if you work in marketing!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl ads

It's that time of year again... where football fans and marketers alike get to experience the top performance of both their industries!

If you haven't seen it yet, Hulu has a great collection of the last few years of Super Bowl ads and previews some of this year's ads as well.

Check it out here.

It is also interesting how the Super Bowl advertisers are now getting even more than their 30 seconds and after-buzz about their spots with all the previewing online. Good that they can get their money's worth on it! Also, this is the first year that the Super Bowl will stream live online for those who don't have Cable (we fit into that category now).

I look forward to the game and the ads!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

ProductCamp SoCal 2011

By: Ellen Henderson Sirull

Last weekend I got to attend my first ProductCamp.  The pcSC (ProductCamp SoCal) took place at Cal State Fullerton and there were over 300 people who attended.  One of the sessions I got to sit in on was with Sean Van Tyne.  Here are my notes for those who didn't get to attend it:

Ask watch and listen - The Customer Experience Revolution

• Have you heard the Betty Crocker cake mix story?  They made instant cake mix so you just needed to add water, but no one was buying it.  Turns out, after asking the customers why they weren't buying it, they learned that people wanted to feel like they were doing more and to have "the experience of baking." So, they adjusted the mix and made it so people would add eggs and water.  And, it sold.

• According to JD Power, only 9% know what they're doing in regards to the customer experience. (WOW!)

• Donald Norman wrote about emotional design.  An emotional connection is so important.

• The difference between customer experience and user experience:

Customer experience - very long, totality from seeing first message through to the end
User experience - when they use/ touch the product

• 5 is the magic number of target users to get feedback from -- gives you about 80% of things you'll need to change (the key is these people must be your target).

• The things you learn in observation, you will not learn with any other methodology.

• Creating a customer profile is so important.  You need to know who you are talking to so you can know what to say.

• Trust the data... Let the data lead you where to go.  Don't guess... You don't know what is in the mind of the customer.

• Analytics do a great job of telling us what the problem is, but observing our customers will tell us why.

It was a great session and I look forward to checking out his book when it comes out.  Sean co-wrote The Customer Experience Revolution with Jeoffrey Bean, which will be available in January.  Check it out here.